This Roadmap supports governments in their goals to work towards 100% circular procurement and commissioning.

The Roadmap provides for a step-by-step plan that helps to design the implementation process and select actions needed.

The Roadmap suggests a measuring methodology (based on processindicators) to determine when a tender can be called circular and establish the organisation’s level of circular procurement.
The roadmap also shows how the organisation can reach their desired level of
circular procurement and commissioning. It provides a well-designed and tailor-made set of
actions and instruments that can be selected to match the organisation’s character and ambitions.
These actions relate to the organisational processes, communications and level
of support in the organisation, and the implementation of the measuring methodology.

When governments implement this Roadmap, it will ensure that circular procurement and commissioning is firmly embedded within the organisation.

Roadmap Circular Procurement & Commissioning